June 11, 2007

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Agenda & Notes, June 11, 2007

1. Wiki upgrade (Jon). We should discuss what we want to do with the new capabilities (if anything). Look here for some stuff about what could be done.

Jon explained that we were now on the most current version of MediaWiki with the Semantic MediaWiki plugin enabled. We should feel free to play with this (refer to the link above for instructions) and embed some metadata in the pages, for instance.

2. Registry upgrades (See Jon's blog post on the upgrades. Questions?

We noted that the fixing of the bug ("too aggressive") did not allow the completion of the NSDL GEM Topics vocabulary. Diane has finished that, subsequently. Jon mentioned that he has another upgrade ready to go that allows status information to show up for properties as well as concepts. This will be necessary to allow for the kind of change management that we'd envisioned. He is also making it easier to support multiple languages--it will be possible to have multiple prefLabels in different languages and with different statuses. All prefLabels will then be status and language specific.

3. Diane has used up some of her 15 minutes of fame: http://talk.talis.com/archives/2007/06/diane_hillmann.html

4. Getting some momentum on the DC-Ed AP--I've put the text so far on Google docs. I'm particularly concerned about getting a model in there (not being much of a modeler myself)

5. Terms effort--what can we do to get that going? Does the registry have a role? Can a re-imagined role provide a basis to make a proposal for the INTEROP money?

6. Other?