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==== Project Links ====
==== Project Links ====
[[NSDL Registry]] Project
[[NSDL Registry]] Project (Now named Open Metadata Registry)
[[Metadata Management System]]
[[Metadata Management System]]

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Current Projects -- "The Partnership"

At the University of Washington:

At Cornell University

Former University of Washington Associates:

Project Links

NSDL Registry Project (Now named Open Metadata Registry)

Metadata Management System

Research Proposals and Projects

This wiki now supports the Semantic MediaWiki Extension
"Semantic MediaWiki introduces some additional markup into the wiki-text which allows users to add "semantic annotations" to the wiki. While this first appears to make things more complex, it can also greatly simplify the structure of the wiki, help users to find more information in less time, and improve the overall quality and consistency of the wiki."

IMPORTANT: Do not cite materials on this Wiki other than for the purposes of collaborating on document creation. This Wiki is intended to be used to work on draft copies of documents. Finished documents will be published, in a persistent and citable form, on the NSDL Registry Web site.