Mar. 12, 2007

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Telecon Agenda and Notes, Mar. 12, 2007

1. Jon's mockup of the AP Registration process:

  • URLs:
    Note: whenever you see a dropdown selection, it contains the correct proposed values
  • Issues:
    • In the DC CD-AP, obligations under values are separately recorded, indicating whether URIs or strings are mandatory, fixed, optional or not allowed. Diane thinks this might lead to odd combinations and bad outcomes. For instance, if both URIs and strings are marked mandatory, would people interpret that as requiring repeated statements, one with a string, one with a URI? If that combination were valid, how would people encode that? The ultimate question is, should the Registry enforce common sense, or allow all combinations?

    • Order of input screens in the mock-ups is similar to "standard" order that has been used before, but we may want to fiddle. For instance, should "obligation" for the property be higher, to avoid confusion with obligations for values lower down?

2. The proposals:

  • Diane reports that there is still no decision from Cornell about overheads, but she was solicited on Friday to write up how the proposals related to the library, which she did. This signifies movement, I hope a decision (the right decision) comes soon. The library management is supporting us fully on this.
  • What else still needs to be done?
    • Diane has internal paperwork to do, but can't proceed on that until the overhead decision is made and we can finalize budgets
    • We still need figures on how much the CUL evaluation will cost. Elaine has promised to have them to me by Wed., which means we should be able to add those to the budget and see where we stand.

3. Reply to the query from the Australian Broadcasting System.

  • Do we need a licensing decision?
  • What should we suggest to them? (and who will do it?)