May 14, 2007

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Agenda and Notes, May 14, 2007

1. "Catching up" reports:

  • Stuart: In the past round of funding NSDL extended funding on several standards projects, including ASN, WGBH (for its intermediary), DLESE, CNLP. They were supposed to be working together, using ASN as their data source for standards. The group committed to create a test collection of records with human reviewed correlations, so that the tools could be tested and evaluated. Stuart was trying to build a schema to express the correlation, using a correlation entity, and a vocabulary expressing strength of fit. The simple case is a "conformsTo" with a URI. More complex case you have strength of correlation, authority (who says), etc. CI didn't know what to do with the results, so called together a group to discuss this. Their contention was that they couldn't do anything outside of standard DC. For an illustration, Stuart tried plugging in URIs for some of the terms in DLESE records, to illustrate the complexity coming. They also demonstrated the CNLP tool that does standards mapping. Stuart asked where the URIs were coming from, and learned that CI was not using any of the Registry URIs for any of the vocabularies. Stuart will keep pushing these issues within CI.
  • Diane: London meeting, Chicago testimony, Rochester collaboration, TERMS proposal

Stuart suggested that we might get Cliff to bring CNI in as a partner, and go to Mellon or one of the big funders. He thinks it should be a two-three year project.

  • Jon: Has been updating the backend, and fixing bugs. The sandbox has been very busy and they've been identifying bugs as well. None of this has been exposed yet, but will be in beta 'soon.'
  • Joe: Has CARLCore application profile to distribute for us to look at. This is for research libraries in Canada, who are trying to do harvesting. They are not seeking DCMI approval, but will be using this. Joe was at the CASE meeting in Montreal and there was another paper with some quality issues explored (he will send a cite along).

2. Moving forward with our projects. What threads should we be gathering?

  • We all agree that moving forward with Registry improvements will be important, as we attempt to make our efforts more visible.

3. Singapore, DC-2007

* Workshop: Metadata That Works: Making Good Decisions
* Registries Community: ??
* DC-Ed Community: ??
* Other?