May 29, 2007

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Agenda & Notes, May 29, 2007

1. Various updates on project work.

  • Jon has been making incremental changes and expects to have some of the change management stuff up in beta perhaps by next week.
  • Joe is moving back to Seattle. The ASSIST paper has been accepted and changes were sent off a few days ago. It should be published online fairly soon.
  • Stuart suggested that we need a DLib article, something with a more general reach and a bit less academic. He is in the middle of finishing the peer review for the Singapore papers. There will be about 11 papers, with a 44% acceptance rate. Action item: Stuart will set up a TERMS mailing list.
  • Diane reported on some of the DCMI/RDA work, which will likely be done by Alistair Miles and Karen Coyle. Tom Baker is working on the description of work. Diane is still planning to start the proposal for the DC AB on conference changes and educational focus.

2. Can we finish the NSDL GEM vocabulary yet? Jon thinks he fixed that bug, and Diane will attempt to finish the registration. Stuart will tell Diane which terms he needs registered first. Action item: Diane will check and see what happened at the CI meeting in Ithaca (and also try and set up a time for Dan & Corey to visit Ithaca).

3. Upcoming meetings:

4. Singapore update? We agreed that the conference change proposals needed to go out to the AB list well before Singapore so that discussion could ensue even though Stuart (and probably others) would not be present. The Singaporeans will not pay registration for us, though they have agreed to pay all conference hotel and transportation.

Our next telecon will be at the regular time on Monday, June 4, 8 am Pacific, 11 am Eastern.