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An NSDL Registry: Supporting Interoperable Metadata Distribution

From the original grant proposal: Building on work in the Dublin Core community on metadata registries, we propose to develop and deploy an NSDL metadata registry (hereafter, “the Registry”) to enable collection holders creating metadata for their collections and various applications that generate, consume and process metadata to identify, declare and publish their metadata schemas (element/property sets) and schemes (value spaces/controlled vocabularies) in support of discovery, reuse, standardization and interoperability within NSDL and globally. We proposed to accomplish this task by building on existing work within the communities focused on metadata management issues including the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI), the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and researchers in networked knowledge organization systems. In particular, we intend to seed development of the Registry with the DCMI Registry open source application.

For more updated information, see: "A Metadata Registry from Vocabularies UP: The NSDL Registry Project," Diane I. Hillmann, Stuart Sutton, Jon Phipps, Ryan Laundry. Paper presented at the DC2006 Conference, Oct. 2006, Manzanillo, Mexico. Abstract: The NSDL Metadata Registry is designed to provide humans and machines with the means to discover, create, access and manage metadata schemes, schemas, application profiles, crosswalks and concept mappings. This paper describes the general goals and architecture of the NSDL Metadata Registry as well as issues encountered during the first year of the project's implementation. Available at: http://arxiv.org/0605111

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