Nov. 16, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, Nov. 16, 2006

1. Review of Action Items from Nov. 1

  • Registry blog posts on activity at DC2006 (Jon & Joe)

Stuart will do one on the discussions in Mexico.

  • Stuart will check with Ryan on getting a server set up so that Jon can set up a server. Jon will resend the mail with the correct versions. Jon wants to set up an intermediary that will route users to whichever server is up.
    • Stuart reported that it is moving along, with Oknam's help. By middle of next week things should be done.
  • DC-Ed nomination of Sarah Currier, approval of new charter for community and revised web page (Diane--Done, pending web update and announcement from Makx, Diane sent pdfs to be linked for the meeting reports)
    • Stuart would like to get the earlier reports off the server so that if this strategy works we will redo all of those. He will also begin work on the overlap between DC/LOM, with the goal of getting something out by early in the year.
  • DC-Ed mailing list owner change (Stuart--done)

2. Update on discussions for new NSDL proposal

  • Stuart: discussions with Diny
    • Two things going on: combining to get themselves physically in front of Lee. Diny's friend Gillian is head of the Australian Learning Federation and is very interested in the same things we are, so they're trying to take ASN international. Diny asked Lee if there were any other organizations in other countries NSF was already working with (or wanted to work with), and Lee jumped in it. He has some money for workshops. As soon as there is more info from Gillian they will make their appointment to see Lee, and combine this with our metadata ideas and see what direction we can get from Lee. Stuart already has our briefing paper, and he thinks that perhaps we should reframe the opening paragraph to say:
    • given the fact that Fedora implementation is nearing completion, and that primary services that have not yet been defined as services would need to be defined going forward (loose threads). Fedora is the enabling technology but more concrete work on services is still needed
    • Action item: Diane will start the paragraph and send to Stuart.
  • Diane: meetings and discussions with Cornell Library staff
    • Diane and Jon have been meeting with staff working on Cornell's new digitization project trying to convince them that they need what we have to offer. So far it's been going well, and they seem interested in having us involved in that, as well as our NSF proposal.

3. Review Draft Step-by-Step documentation

  • Should we substitute this for the brief (and somewhat misleading) documentation on the front page? Consensus is that we should do that.
  • What other pieces do we need, and who will do them?
    • Action Item: Stuart will develop an outline for additional documentation (on the wiki)
  • Should we have some links to vocabulary development resources?
    • Action Item: Diane will circulate the vocabulary development things gathered for the workshop so they can be evaluated.

4. Diane has been invited to a workshop in the UK (see the workshop wiki]) and would be happy to have any comments to take with her.