Oct. 26, 2005

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Agenda and Notes, Oct. 26, 2005

Stuart took the floor first to report since he had another meeting to attend.

1. Review milestones:

2. Versioning draft [Diane: This is a very skimpy draft but requires a bit of review and comment before continuing. Feel free to go in and whack at it!]

The current document will be kept as a policy document, with technical strategy worked out in another document. Jon and Ryan discussed some possibilities for managing versions, Ryan suggesting that using Subversion might help manage files of versions for user availability. Jon and Ryan will continue to discuss these issues via email.

3. Readiness for Annual Meeting:

  • Are the Use Cases and Functional Requirements ready?

Stuart has been working on finishing up the use cases, he will look at the functional requirements and see if there are any holes.

  • Agenda and announcement draft (Diane will send round before the meeting) Diane still hasn't finished, but will send around stuff when she's finished. The Agenda is on the wiki.
  • Public wiki (Jon)

Jon is still working on getting the wiki up, trying to figure out whether two separate databases are would be necessary. At some point he will tell us to stop working on the wiki for a bit.

  • Survey (Stuart) Question: Who will do the analysis? Stuart and/or Stuart and Oknam will do the analysis, hopefully with a spreadsheet to share.
  • SKOS versions of vocabularies--do we want to have some up for people to view before the meeting?

We have all the ones from our beginning lists and they will be put up and linked from the workwiki. There are questions about some of the information she got, and when they're up we can see which things we can address. Ryan will take a look and see what libraries will be needed to load them. Both OWL and SKOS versions will be available if we have them.

Ryan reported that he will sent up a new plone instance on one of the servers, which will morph into the sandbox. He will use the new version of plone.