Oct. 29, 2007

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Telecon Agenda & Notes, Oct. 29, 2007

  1. The state of the Registry and upcoming improvements (Jon)
    • What will Stuart's class need to know? Are there any requirements we should consider for that kind of use?
      • The students have a specific assignment, and Stuart has taken some new screen shots which he will add to the documentation.
    • Can we get some structured feedback from the students?
      • Stuart will ask the students for some feedback, probably through a short survey.
  2. First grant final report (Diane)
    • Though we have gotten confirmation that the non-funded extension has been approved, it'd be good to get started on the report
      • Action Item: Stuart will start a Google Doc so we can start the report
  3. Upshot of conversation with Kate Wittenberg (Diane)
    • Jon will talk to her in Washington, in hopes of getting her to discuss some of our concerns with Lee
    • Action Item: Diane will follow up with Kate after the AM
  4. Upcoming work with the University of Rochester eXtensible Catalog Project
    • We will need to do some additional requirements drafting to work with their [yet to be hired] developers