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The instructions below are intended to assist users to begin working effectively on the [Open Metadata Registry]. The same instructions ably for users of the [Open Metadata Registry Sandbox].

User Management Step-by-Step

Step 1: Register an Individual

On the upper right hand corner of every Registry page is a tab, which, for a user not signed in says:

* sign in/register | about

When clicked on sign in/register, the following page appears:


A new user must register by clicking the box that says click here to create a new account which allows the user to fill in four boxes, all mandatory:

  • a login name
  • a password
  • a password confirmation
  • an email address

The email address is used only for password retrieval, when a user forgets his or her password, is used for no other purpose, nor shared with any other service or individual.


Results: A new user account is created. The user should note the login name and password, as well as the email address entered at the time of new account registration.

Step 2. Register an Agent

Now that you are logged in, you can add a resource owner. Every schema or vocabulary must be owned by a resource owning agent, which can be registered as either an individual or an organization.

To register an agent, click on the (Add) link next to Resource Owners in the Browse box on the right side of the page and fill out the resulting form. Owner Name and Email are required fields. As with user registration, email addresses are kept private. When you register an agent, you become the registrar of that agent and an Agent Administrator for that organization or individual. Other users and administrators can be added later.

Agent Registration Page


An Agent Administrator is defined as: "One or more persons authorized to maintain one or more Agent records." This Agent Administrator is automatically the Vocabulary Administrator and Maintainer for all element sets or vocabularies owned by that Agent, and authorized to:

  • Edit/Delete Agent Records (an Agent can only be deleted by an Admin if there are no associated Vocabularies)
  • Designate other registered users as:
    • Agent Administrators for that Agent
    • Agent Contacts for that Agent (can receive notifications but has no explicit role in vocabulary development)
    • Vocabulary Administrator for individual Vocabularies owned by that Agent
    • Vocabulary Maintainers for individual Vocabularies owned by that Agent

A Vocabulary Administrator is defined as: "One or more persons responsible for editorial functions related to one or more submitted vocabularies. The user who registers a Vocabulary becomes the Administrator for that Vocabulary." The Vocabulary Administrator is authorized to:

  • Act as Vocabulary Maintainer
  • Designate other registered users as Vocabulary Maintainers

A Vocabulary Maintainer is defined as: "A registered user designated as responsible for maintaining a Vocabulary." The Vocabulary Maintainer is authorized to edit vocabulary properties and concepts.

Next Step: Register an Element Set or a Vocabulary