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DCMI Registry Community
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
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This page will at some point contain a list of developments that may arguably be considered metadata schema, terminology or ontology registries. At present it contains only a couple of rough notes.

Registry-like developments

At minimum, put the name of the planned development/a little descriptive text and if possible a link to further information. Any information such as project reports that might help to describe the capabilities and intended uses of software, or the perceived nature of the problem that the project intends to solve, is particularly useful.


Becta Vocabulary Management Service

DCMI Registry
The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative's (DCMI) Metadata Registry is designed to promote the discovery and reuse of exiting metadata definitions. It provides users, and applications, with an authoritative source of information about the Dublin Core element set and related vocabularies. This simplifies the discovery of terms and related definitions, and illustrates the relationship between terms.

DART Metadata Schema Registry
For the purposes of this project, a metadata schema registry is defined as an online electronic repository of schema or application profiles that describe the structure and/or semantics of scientific data for recording and exchange. These registries can be used by researchers to format scientific data sets to improve interoperability and ensure that data can be easily disseminated to researchers within their discipline.
The DART software can be downloaded from:

HILT, the high level thesaurus project
Problems relating to disparate terminology use have been an impediment to information retrieval for many years, but the growth of Web, associated heterogeneous digital repositories, and the need for distributed cross-searching within multi-scheme information environments has recently drawn the issue into sharp focus. The HILT project, which is now in phase IV, aims to research, investigate and develop pilot solutions for problems pertaining to cross-searching multi-subject scheme information environments, as well as providing a variety of other terminological searching aids.

Information Environment Service Registry

Information Environment Metadata Schema Registry

A prototype platform for collaborative ontology engineering

NHS metadata registry
"The National Knowledge Service Metadata Registry (NKS-MDR) is designed to promote the discovery and reuse of metadata and vocabulary definitions that will be used within the National Knowledge Service and the National Library for Health."

Open Ontology Repository
Press release describing a planned Open Ontology Repository


JISC Pedagogical Vocabularies Project
An inventory of existing pedagogical vocabularies - demonstrates that there is a perceived need to inventory these resources.

MDA Terminology Bank
Terminology bank containing vocabularies of relevance to cultural heritage

The European Library Metadata Registry
This site provides terms, crosswalks, guidance for the user about metadata creation and use...


Factiva/Taxonomy Warehouse
"the only site on the Internet dedicated to taxonomies for corporations".

'Sandbox' - A list of as yet unclassified names and vague notes

Half-formed thoughts and vague leads go here.

> > 
> >
> > TASI
> >
> > Species 2000
> >
> > Text Mining Centre - biomedical ontologies
> >
> > Middletons controlled vocabulary list
> >
> > Univ of British Columbia Indexing Resources
> >
> > Dexter Clarkes review of taxonomies in the public sector
> >
> > Univ of Toronto Subject Analysis Systems collection
> >
> >
> > Ockham
> >
> > Grimoires
> >
> > Metadata Swtich Project OCLC
> >
> >
> > Talis, Ex Libris: commercial, bibliographic services
> >
> >
> > DCC registry for curating experimental data sets
> >
> > PRONOM registry for formats
> >
> > Global Digital Format Registry
> >
> > Inscription
> >
> > WordHoard
> >
> > OCLC terminology services
> >
> > HILT
> >
> > OCLC Name Authority Service for Dspace
> >
> > LAF (LC Name Authority File)
> >
> > CalEDLN
> >
> > MelvilSoap