Sept. 10, 2007

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Agenda & Notes, September 10, 2007

  1. Singapore De-Briefing
    • Conference Papers: Is the OAI server registered on the UIUC OAI Registry? If not, it should be ...
    • RDA/DCMI Effort: Implications for the Registry
      • Timetable--Critical to get schemas registered, and upload enabled
      • Gordon mentioned that the JSC is pushing to get the FRBR Entities registered
      • Registry may have an issue with registering the RDA/ONIX vocabularies (see Gordon's article). I sat with him and showed him how to use the Sandbox and he was very interested in using it for that vocabulary. Jon and I will work to identify the issues for the SWD WG meeting in early Oct.
    • DC Registries Community
      • Tsukuba announced that they're going to work to register APs!