Sept. 10, 2007

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Agenda & Notes, September 10, 2007

  1. Rollover of funds between the ending Registry Project to the new funding. The Accounting folks at Cornell are getting very anxious about this--they want to make sure that decisions are made before I go on disability to ensure that Jon and I continue to get paychecks over the transition. Ergo, they need an okay from Lee on rolling over the funds and/or something that assures them that the funding is really coming on the extension. How can we do this, and also address some other issues with Lee, re: the NSDL metadata planning? For the rollover issue, we need to get assurances from Lee that we can do the following:
    • Fund Jon to go to Amsterdam for the SWD WG meeting
    • Use leftover computer services money for new laptops
      • Stuart suggests firing off an email to Lee, assuming that everything is going okay with the work for the extension, given my need for paperwork before going on disability. Add a sentence of explanation for Jon's trip.
      • For the NSDL Metadata issues, Stuart would like to send Lee an email identifying some of the issues, given the proposal that didn't get funded. Stuart is basically operating on no funding (their stuff wasn't funded in this round), and needs to figure out what his role is in all this. He would like to approach Lee about the long term issue around how broken it is concerning metadata.
  2. Final report to NSF on the first two years
    • Stuart will send the PDF document that says what is needed for the final report.
  3. Licenses: NLB interested in installing, need to determine what licenses to use. See Open Source Licenses by Category and Open Source Licenses for some useful information for discussion.
    • We agreed that we wanted a license that required feeding back core development even for commercial uses. Jon will narrow down the possibilities and suggest some options.
  4. Singapore De-Briefing
    • Conference Papers: Is the OAI server registered on the UIUC OAI Registry? If not, it should be ...
      • Stuart will go into the UIUC Registry and add the conference papers site. He will also start some conversations with on the DC Conference lists about the issues that have come up since Singapore.
    • RDA/DCMI Effort: Implications for the Registry
      • Timetable--Critical to get schemas registered, and upload enabled
      • Gordon mentioned that the JSC is pushing to get the FRBR Entities registered
      • Registry may have an issue with registering the RDA/ONIX vocabularies (see Gordon's article). I sat with him and showed him how to use the Sandbox and he was very interested in using it for that vocabulary. Jon and I will work to identify the issues for the SWD WG meeting in early Oct.
        • Stuart will be teaching a metadata course, Sam Oh is teaching a metadata schema/RDF schema course. Stuart's course will be built around Application Profiles. He wants them to declare some vocabularies, and to use the sandbox to finish their project. He suggested that we can promote the sandbox as a teaching mechanism.
    • DC Registries Community
      • Tsukuba announced that they're going to work to register APs!
      • Community seems interested in participating with blogging (Jon will send message to the list about how to get signed up)
      • Community tasks for coming year:
        • 1) Coming up with an updated set of functional requirements for a registry, based on the experiences and findings of registry developments.
        • 2) A draft set of functional requirements related to the inter-registry transfer language or languages - interoperability concerns related to sharing info between registries and with other applications such as vocab management that share related aims.
        • 3) To investigate the dissemination functionality desirable in a registry (& appropriate use cases). That is - appropriate forms of human-readable report, notification of changes, and so forth.
    • NSDL Registry as Vocabulary Management Software
      • Tom tired of text editing, approached Diane about using the Registry to create the files
      • Diane thinks he wants to update the DCMI Registry (which will reside in Tsukuba), but will also want to generate the DC terms web pages as well
      • Tom will contact Jon about his requirements
  5. Bug fixes and testing report (Jon)