Apr. 2, 2007

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Agenda & Notes, April 2, 2007

1. Review of Progress, New Proposal:

  • Pin generation (links proposals in FastLane)
  • Narrative complete (done)
    • Summary
    • Narrative
    • References
  • Budget
    • Characterizing CUL work
    • Where to get money for ongoing computer maintenance? Should we split costs between proposals? [Yes, include all costs on both budget]
    • Justification
  • Support letters
    • iVia letter received
    • Bill Arms letter on the way
    • Requests sent to Laura Bartolo, Stuart Chalk, Kim Lightle (will follow up this week)
    • Others? Diny? [Stuart will draft and ask for letterhead]
  • [Need current and pending support: these two proposals and existing proposals]
  • [Have bios done]

2. Review of Progress, Extension proposal

  • Narrative nearing completion?
  • Should we include some screenshots?
    • 1-page summary for FastLane (Stuart)
  • Budget?
    • Diane will start that based on new proposal budget
    • Justification [need to include bracked actual cost at the end of the paragraph]
  • Support letters, do we need them? How many?
    • We'd thought about asking Tom Baker--any others? Alistair? [Diane will ask both of them]
    • Letter from Stuart supporting unfunded collaboration (advisor)

3. DCAM issues

  • Issue of "Abstract syntax" vs. "Abstract model" brought up by Alistair on 2/26