Dec. 21, 2005

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Telecon Agenda and Notes, Dec. 21, 2005

1. Spotfire--Stuart has called and tried to talk to them about purchasing, we will get the same deal as Cornell got. He has to do it through UW purchasing, and he's trying to get it expedited. Apparently there's a UW faculty member with a Spotfire server license, and Stuart will explore whether we might be able to use some of that.

2. Stuart has been working on the budget, for the moment with UW as lead. He will finish the spreadsheet today. Jon, Diane and Diny can fill in our tabs and see where we are.

3. Ryan and Stuart have talked about the shift in direction. Server on UW end is being used for other things, so we need to look elsewhere for long term. The UW server is available in the short term.

4. Stuart will talk to Diny about under which category our second IMLS proposal will be submitted.

5. Budget that Jon submitted for servers and IP services

  1. What budget it comes from (Cornell re-budgeted Registry)
  2. Any other considerations

6. Reworking the milestones (see: Diane and Jon will work through the functional requirements for both and try to reconcile the tasks and milestones coming from that.

7. New doctoral student--Melanie Feinberg (10 week UW Winter Quarter)--versioning (research practicum--RDF modeling). She will work based on the assumption that we would want to output the full versioning information for a vocabulary.

Next Registry call the first week in January.